I am proud to call South Florida my home. Born and raised in West Palm Beach, I feel deeply connected to this area and the diversity and passion of the people here. My parents immigrated from the Caribbean when they were young and started a family here. I am one of three children they had and, of course, I ended up being the middle child.

My parents worked hard to not only provide a good life and environment for us as kids but to instill in us values and work ethic that I continue to lean on to this day. I often hear in my head my mother's advice, "don't do things halfway!" Or my father's reminders to always be honest and work hard. At that time, those words felt like annoying remarks to get me to do my chores, but now I see them as valuable principles that guide my personal and professional life.

It's those same values and principles that guide our financial planning practice today. As a family run firm, my wife Ryann and I work hard to make an impact in our community by working hard and honestly to connect with our clients on a deep level and provide a service and experience that reflects our genuine interest in them and their families.

To me, this work is more than just a job. I can still remember vividly the conversation my father had with myself and my older brother on a car trip to elementary school. He let us know that if anything ever happened to him, that my mother and us would be okay financially. I'm not sure what prompted him to share that with us, but I will never forget how knowing that made me feel. My goal is for every family to be able to share that type of experience with their loved ones, confident that with the work they've done with us, their family will be taken care of even if the worst occurs.

It is our hope that in some way we can be a part of your world and the future success of your family. Please reach out to connect. I'd love to tell you more about my story and hear about yours. We will get back to you promptly.


Justis Cousins

Financial Advisor


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